Work with me in person or online.

in person

in Münster, Germany

My sessions are rooted in Core Energetics - body oriented psychotherapy, including breath- and bodywork, expression and personal interaction.

By including the experience of the body we add a significant dimension to verbal psychotherapy. This approach is grounded in the belief that body and mind are not only linked, but influence each other. Therefore, in addition to working with thought and emotion, we include the bodily experience of such, bringing awareness to otherwise unconscious layers of existence, allowing the self to grow, vitality to rise and confidence to build. 


Investment:  75€/ hour
Where: drei_raum, CoWorking für Bewegung & Therapie 
Schillerstr. 31a, 48155 Münster

Currently I am working as a Core Energetics student practitioner.



Online Psychotherapy 

Online psychotherapy is possible when following an in person Intake session.




Guidance sessions

If it is not possible to meet in person we can still work together. Sometimes we need help to take the next step to come closer to where/ who we want to be.
My intention with these sessions is to bring you closer to yourself. They are aimed at those looking for guidance, who need help in taking action. Theses sessions are not considered therapy, but guidance. 

Sessions are held via video, in English or German. Investment 75€/ hour  

Contact me.

Feel free to reach out! I'm happy to answer your questions about my offerings or to set up an initial consultation.

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